Here are some frequently asked questions that popped up recently

General Questions

How do you pronounce the name of your main character, Xerxes?

Zerx-is – The second syllable [ is ] is pronounced just as in [ this ]

Where is your first story set?

The Pearl of Immortality is set on the planet, Ishtar in the Alpha Centauri Star System. However, the story shifts to other locations during its course. This will likely be the pattern to follow for the rest of The Sands of Time series.


What exactly are The Sands of Time?

The Sands of Time, also known as the Seven Sands, forms part of the magical system of the planet that allows for the unhindered flow of Time. Time here, happens to be one of the most significant elements of Ishtar.

Do you enjoy writing fantasy?

Undoubtedly. The fantasy genre is to me the most interesting of all. Authors of fantasy fiction are about the only ones who can wield the pen in any and every direction that imagination beckons.

What is your idea on fantasy?at iusmod tempor incid idun?

Fantasy…mmm! Filled with magic and amazing things found only in dreams, intertwined with ancient secrets from the past, colored with places and beings you will likely never see, fantasy allows us a moment to dream when dreams are yet far away.

From an exhilarating ride upon the back of Dragon, to breathing in new life through the flames of Phoenix, to speaking words of magic in a magical tongue, fantasy opens the gates of Imagination, allowing the mind’s eye to roam as far and wide as it could possibly dare. And just when you think you’ve experienced it all, fantasy allows you to dive beneath the ocean to hear the song of Whale.